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It says, my key is invalid. How can I activate?


If you get any of the following error message during the activation. Please try the following.

Message: The key is Incorrect Key

The common cause for this error is the key format or the mistyping of alphabetic "I" ,"O" as numberic 1(one) and 0(zero) respectively.

  1. Check if the license key format is "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX".
  2. Check if the alphabetic "I" ,"O" is entered as numberic 1(one) and 0(zero) respectively and vice versa.
  3. Copy (Crl+C) and Paste (Crl+V) the license key, please avoid typing the license key.


Message: Cannot connect to REGSERVO server

The common cause for this error is that the REGSERVO is being blocked from accessing the internet for validating the license key.

  1. Check if the internet is connected.
  2. Add REGSERRVO.exe to the Windows or Antivirus firewall exception.
  3. Add REGSERRVO.exe to the Antivirus white list.
  4. Try the activation now.


Message: The Key is used already

The common cause for this error is that your license key is activated earlier.

A single license key of REGSERVO can only be activated for single copy of REGSERVO. If you are trying to reactivate REGSERVO contact us to reactive your key.

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