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How to activate REGSERVO?


Please follow the following steps to activate REGSERVO.


  1. After installing REGSERVO.
  2. Double click the REGSERVO shortcut on the desktop to launch the application.
  3. Click the "Register" link at the top
  4. This will popup the "REGSERVO:Registration" window.
  5. In this window you can see the entry box with heading "Enter License Key" and "Activate License Key" Button.
  6. Copy and paste the License key into the "Enter License Key" entry box and press "Activate License Key" button.
  7. You must receive the "Congratulation..." message.
  8. Now your copy of REGSERVO is Activated.
  9. You must see "About" link in the place of the "Register" link after the successful activation.

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