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Features & Benefits!
Utilizing a massive and powerful set of utilities!

RegSERVO is the latest and greatest state of the art PC optimization tool. Utilizing a massive and powerful set of utilities, all working together to help you optimize and fix your computer, RegSERVO does it all for you in a simple one-click interface.

Ease of Use

RegSERVO, through this one-click feature, makes every single, powerful tool available not matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

Full system scan:

Scan of your registry, checking for issues and useless entries. Once the scan has finished, the program will shift to the Latest scan results page.

RegSERVO's unique programming cleans the registry both quickly and safely and through its unique scanning algorithms. RegSERVO removes the issues faced by so many users and adjusts complex and tricky computer settings.

Smart Troubleshooter:

the smart troubleshooter tool by regservo can lead you by the hand to find the resolution to most of your PC problems both automatically and manually using simple step by step troubleshooting guides. .

Startup Menu

With RegSERVO you can take back the control of your PC and with many integrated tools that allow you to control how and where programs are installed as well as how they will act on your system. If you don't want something to load up on your computer when it boots up, RegSERVO can do that for you.

Software Update

Updating RegSERVO is simple and fast with automatic online updates. You will always have the latest software updates and latest trouble shooting guides.

The reports RegSERVO generates are easy to understand and explain clearly and in detail what was wrong and what was fixed.

RegSERVO also knows the importance of backing up your information and gives you tools to safeguard your data in case of an emergency with one click registry restore points, backups and ways to export it.

Help & Support

With world-class support from the RegSERVO team you will never be left lost in the world of computer repair and optimization with 24/7 technical and customer support. So what is RegSERVO? RegSERVO is your one stop shop for all your computer's repair needs.

RegSERVO is made by experts for non-experts who want their computer to be fixed online.


- Yorgi S.
Seattle, Washington